Blind Dog Behavior

A blind dog is a dog that depends more on his nose than his eyes! He is what he is - playful, crabby, cuddly, a troublemaker...being blind changes nothing. His blindness does not make him unadoptable or unloveable. Blind dogs are highly adoptable and are just as sweet, friendly, loving, and gentle, as sighted dogs.

Blind dogs really don't require any more care than a sighted dog.  You just have to think a little differently.   The amount of care is basically the same. Occasionally a dog will become aggressive after becoming blind, but that usually has more to do with the dog's basic personality (being shy) than being blind.  

Blind dogs are typically quite smart - they have to be - and rely on their noses and ears (a dog's best features anyway) more.  Dogs in general do not have that great of eyesight, so it's completely natural for them to rely on smell and hearing heavily, making them completely trainable.  The fact is dogs don’t need sighted eyes to live a normal, healthy and fun life. Blind dogs  even participate in agility and other guided sports like Rally.

Deaf dogs smell, taste, hear your voice talking and feel you petting them, they’re enjoying life. They enjoy the same things sighted dogs do: walks, belly rubs, meal time, play time and more!  Most blind dogs I've known don't even realize they are blind - their world is smells and sound, sight is incidental. Blind dogs figure out their own house and yard quickly. They can go up and down stairs, know room layouts, figure out where furniture is, and run through the yard. Of course, if stairs and other areas present problems, they should be gated or the dog not allowed in the area. 

Blind dogs run and play just as much as sighted dogs but they do appreciate toys that make noise! There are scented toys or toys that jingle, so they can chase balls and toss toys in the air to catch.  Blind dogs enjoy walks and going outside and going on car rides (nothing like the smell of the air from somewhere else!) A blind dog is just as social as any sighted dog and will be your best friend.  If there are other dogs in the home, they will often have a strong bond.  They also still love to bark at the mailman or someone at the door - their hearing is just fine! 

Some blind dogs do cost more in veterinary care because they might need eye removal surgery or eye drops, but all dogs in their lifetime need medication or surgery.  It's part of owning any dog - you take care of them!  Breed often has more of a bearing on what health problems a dog is likely to have more than just blindness.  There are many healthy happy, blind dogs that go through life with no other health issues except blindness.

Personality - your blind dog will have tons of it!  They will be hilarious and fun, serious and any dog. 


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